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PG-9303 Battery Replacement

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Hello, Miles here and today I am going to show you how to change the battery in you DSC PG9303 Security contact.

Now I know typically this device is mounted on your door, wall or window and here our is not. But just seeing how this device opens and what things to be careful with I'm sure will help you out.

First you will need a small Standard flat tip screwdriver.

Looking closely at the edges of your device you will discover along the long sides, a small slit where you can place the end of your screwdriver and then twist to put pressure on the bottom plate and top plate. You should hear a small "click" ant the plates release. Now directly opposite of this slit on the other log side is another slit, repeat the twist here to pop this corner as well.

Now, carefully lift this short edge up and away like a door. The other short edge has two small tabs that can be easily broken if forced to pop up. So you want to slid the top plate to allow those tabs to lift out.

The battery is attached to the id of the device, so I suggest setting this down on a table to remove and re-install the battery.

This device uses a CR2450 type battery.

To remove the battery, carefully place small screwdriver between the outer plastic case and the battery and slowly pry back till the battery pops out.

To re-install the battery, take a look at your battery, the "plus" side should face UP.

Carefully place battery in so that the edge of the battery starts to make contact with the tiny metal arms on the circuit board, then using the flat of you thumb, press down firmly till you hear a snap.

Opposable digits are so handy …

Now inspect your work, ensure the battery is secure and that these tabs are holding it tight. The tabs are delicate, so take you time.

Now to install the Top plate back into the bottom plate.

We are going to work in reverse here, find the two tiny tabs pointing off the one small end of the top plate. Align those with the two slits in the bottom plate and carefully slide them in. Ensure you have the ends aligned before pushing down to close the lid entirely. If mis-aligned, you might break off the tiny tabs and will need a new device.

Once aligned, push firmly in middle and at the other end of the device till you here the two clicks which mean both corners have closed and latched.

There is a tiny switch inside that tells the device that the lid is properly on. If not completely closed or if a tab is broken, the device will not restore from its tampered state and you may need a replacement.

Open and close you door or window and then check with your keypad that you no longer have a tamper. Battery status may still show low. Devices do not transmit battery status often to conserve battery life, so give it 10 minutes and check back about the battery.

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Until next time … Stay Safe!

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