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Fire Alarm Inspections

Contact Butte Security for Fire Alarm Testing in Western Montana!

Fire sprinklers and fire extinguishers are extremely important for keeping your building safe from fires, but when it comes to helping your employees evacuate swiftly and safely, nothing beats a well-maintained Fire Alarm system.

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Keeping up with regular fire alarm inspection and testing is the most important thing you can do to make sure your fire alarm is safe and operational at all times. If you own or manage a building in western Montana and need fire alarm inspection to keep your employees, tenants, or guests safe, contact the fire alarm inspection experts at Butte Security!

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Fire Alarm System Services

To ensure their reliability, fire alarm systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained regularly. Butte Security will set up a service program for periodic testing, inspection, and maintenance that conforms to:

  • NFPA code requirements

  • Local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs)

  • System manufacturer’s recommended inspection and maintenance requirements

  • Required annual fire alarm system testing

The Team at Butte Security has been in the Fire/Life Safety Industry, protecting lives for over 30 years. Contact us today to schedule an alarm inspection at your building.

Fire Alarm Inspection Process

Our fire alarm inspection process includes:

  • Testing the control panel functions, including lamp and LED operation, fuse operation, interface equipment, and primary power.

  • Testing smoke detectors by introducing approved aerosol into the smoke detector chamber or specific manufacturer recommended methods of performing the proper test, then verifying the proper signal was received at the alarm panel.

  • Cleaning all smoke detectors with nitrogen.

  • Testing manual pull stations through a full range of motion and verifying the proper signal was received at the alarm panel.

  • Testing and inspecting all audible and visual devices to ensure that they are unobstructed, the proper lights activate, and the sound level is above ambient noise levels.

  • Checking of circuit supervision to ensure fire alarm panel detects an open circuit.

  • Load-testing standby batteries and checking auxiliary functions such as door release and damper release.

  • Testing battery charger.

  • Verifying the central station fire alarm monitoring company received the appropriate signals if a dialer or cell communicator is installed.

  • Testing remote annunciator / keypad to verify it accurately portrays where the alarm exists in the protected premises.

  • Testing duct detectors and ensuring proper unit shutdown, if applicable.

  • Checking any auxiliary devices that may exist and are listed on the equipment list included in this contract (door holder release, dampers, etc).

  • Testing alarm devices located in the elevator shafts (ie. smoke detectors). Note: A representative from the elevator service company may be required to be present during inspections to allow access to the shaft and to run the elevator car and have elevator keys on hand.

Do you have questions about our fire alarm services? Contact us today! fill out the form to the right. 

Fire Alarm Maintenance in Montana

Fire alarm maintenance is extremely important especially in Montana. When properly maintained, your fire alarm system will provide early detection and warning to building occupants, helping to prevent disasters or fatalities from occurring.

At Butte Security, our fire alarm technicians will maintain, inspect, test, or repair any specific fire alarm components, notification appliances, initiating devices, interfaces, zones, or circuits necessary to accomplish the goal of meeting or exceeding building and fire codes, and insurance company requirements, and any other applicable entities keeping your fire alarm system properly operating.

We make sure your fire alarm is fully functional, so it will perform properly when needed in a time of emergency, or notify you of faulty devices in your building that may need repair.

We can inspect all brands of fire alarms, including:

  • Notifier

  • Silent Knight

  • Simplex-Grinnell

  • Siemens

  • Fire-Lite

  • Kidde

  • Honeywell

  • Napco

Whatever your fire alarm inspection needs ... go to your local fire alarm inspection experts—contact Butte Security today!

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