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You have a smartphone, right? What kind? Apple? Android? This feels just like your phone: touch something to see it, swipe it away to dismiss, swipe down on the screen to access volume and brightness adjustments. Its really easy and feels so familiar. Ask your installer to show you how to use it after he installs it, okay?



The IQ Panel includes a photo frame screensaver so it kind of “disguises” itself when you’re not using it. You can leave the great pictures on there that come with it, or if you want to add your own personal pictures you put them on there using a MicroSD card. Just ask your technician to help you do that when he’s there, okay?



With our Bluetooth Touchless Disarming you can leave your phone in your pocket/purse and it will automatically disarm when your phone gets in range. No typing codes, you just walk in the house and it disarms like magic! You can pair up to 5 smartphones. Who else in your home has a smartphone that would use this?



All the sensors paired with the system are encrypted so hackers can’t break into your home. They have 8-10 years of battery life and use rare earth magnets so they are both highly sensitive yet forgiving as your home expands and moves in various weather conditions. This helps prevent false alarms and ensures every signal sent by these sensors are protected against hackers. How many doors do you have in your home?



Your panel has LTE. Most security systems are still using 3G cellular, which Verizon and AT&T are discontinuing. Anyone trying to sell you a system without LTE is trying to sell you old technology that they KNOW will stop working. We don’t do that. Plus our system uses simultaneous dual path connectivity to keep you connected in the fastest possible way.



Every IQ Panel system has a built-in camera that takes pictures when someone gets home and records videos during alarms. Are you the only one at home? You can give out user codes to everyone who should have access to your home and when they use them you’ll know. Let’s say you’re at work or out at the grocery store. If someone comes over, you’ll get a text message with a picture of that person along with the date and time they disarmed the panel. Who else comes over that you might want to be informed of?



The IQ Panel includes a glass break detector right in the panel, using the microphones and quad core processor. It will cover multiple windows within a 15 foot range. How many windows do you have in your main living area?


You’ll get access to the IQ Panel app that gives you access to your system around the clock. Arm, disarm, see whether your doors are open or if motion is detected in your home. What type of phone do you have, iPhone or Android?


Do you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot? What about a Google Home? At no extra charge you’ll be able to arm your system using voice commands. Its really cool, and really easy. Your technician will make sure you know how to enable this on your Amazon Echo/Google Home before he leaves, okay?


Every system is designed to improve over time, giving you the latest features by downloading software updates over the air, so you’ll never have to worry about your equipment becoming outdated, okay?


Every IQ Panel System includes Geoservices. The system knows when you’ve left home and can remind you to arm your security system in case you forgot. You can set up geofences in 1 mile increments. When you leave home how far away is your typical drive?



If something happens on your IQ Panel system you can get a text message. Set up alerts for all sorts of things like “Send me a text when my child gets home from school” or “Send me a text when my dogwalker comes over” or even “Send me a text if my power goes out.”



If you are like me you get so busy that you forget to arm your system. We know that the best way to protect your home is to make sure the security is activated, so you can create arming reminders that will send you a text message if you forget to arm by a certain time each day or if you every drive away from the house. How often do you arm your system now?



Your IQ Panel is smarthome capable so as we add things like smart lighting, smart locks, a smart thermostat, even smart garage door openers you’ll get an easy to use interface on your panel to interact with them and a new section on your mobile app. Can I tell you more about our smart Thermostat?



The IQ Panel can control smart lighting in your home. Whether you use our smart lightbulbs or our outlet modules, you can automatically turn on or off the lights as you leave, arm and disarm your system, or when things happen. For example, you can have all your lights turn off automatically when you leave home by creating a geofence. You can have your lights turn on automatically when your system is disarmed with your Bluetooth Touchless Disarming. Smart lighting can save you energy and make your home more convenient. Which lights in your home get left on all the time?


Adding a smart lock to your system is like adding access control to your home. Using codes instead of keys, you can grant access to anyone based on a set schedule and be informed when they come over. Have a dog walker or maid that comes a couple times a week? Give them a code, not a key. Want to know when your mother in law shows up? Giver her a code and get a text message informing you “Front door unlocked by Susan at 11am”



Smart thermostats can save you a lot of energy costs. Think of how often you leave home and the heater or air conditioner is running the entire time you’re gone. With our smart thermostat it will adjust automatically when you leave the house, or even when you leave a door or window open.



Do you ever wake up in the morning and realize the garage has been open all night? Or come after a day at work and get that sinking feeling because its been open all day? With a smart garage opener you’ll get a text message if its left open for even a few minutes.



The IQ Panel can pair with life safety devices like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, temperature sensors and more to ensure your home is safe from life or property threatening events like a fire, flood, HVAC failure, and more.



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